Garrison Hill Village   Roswell, Georgia

"McWhirter Realty Partners’ leasing and management team made numerous recommendations which proved effective in resolving the challenges that ultimately positioned the asset to sell at a price I was very pleased with. I would highly recommend their team for other projects and listings in this market. " 

                                                                                                      --  Cal Franklin, Garrison Hill Partners, LLC

The Property

Garrison Hill Village is a two-story, 21,337 SF shopping center in Roswell, Georgia. The property was originally zoned for office on the upper level and retail on the lower level. McWhirter Realty Partners assumed all leasing and property management responsibility in late 2007 with just one existing tenant.

What We Did

McWhirter Realty Partners assessed immediate challenges resulting from initial zoning, poor construction and decreased rates and leasing interest due to the recession. Maintenance and construction issues were corrected and the upper level was renovated into an open loft-style which differentiated it from other available space in the area and yielded immediate results. Once the economy started to improve, McWhirter Realty Partners targeted strong, long term tenants for 8-10 year leases to better position the property for a sale.

The Result

In 2016, with 94 percent of the shopping center leased, McWhirter Realty Partners represented the owners in the sale of the building for $140 per square foot at a 9 percent cap rate.