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Project Management: Roofing Services

Greer Hughes

A building’s roof system is one of the hardest working components of a building and represents a significant capital investment. Unfortunately, most of the attention directed to a roof is reactive and often driven by a crisis. A damaged roof can be costly to repair and can cause other building components to deteriorate.

Building owners want a long-lasting roof that keeps occupants dry and provides good insulation. Therefore, a good preventative maintenance strategy is the best thing an owner can do to maximize the life of the roof. In fact, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) states that good preventative maintenance extends the service life of a roof between 30 to 100 percent. 

Preventative maintenance programs for roofing systems typically focus on three areas: roof material and seams, flashing and penetrations. The program is designed to repair or replace system components before they fail. A comprehensive preventive maintenance program consists of a regular maintenance schedule which includes bi-annual roof cleaning, quarterly roof drain cleaning and a monthly walk-through.  Maintenance engineers, property managers and landscapers need to work together to ensure all trees and limbs are pruned away from the building to provide a free and clear roof system. Excess debris from landscaping can clog roof drains and gutters, causing a water penetration at the roof line or downspout. 

Our experience proves that the cost of properly maintaining a roofing system is almost always less expensive then repairing or replacing it prematurely. We pride ourselves on implementing the most proactive maintenance measures to ensure efficiency and cost savings for our clients.

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