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Protect Your Building from Extreme Weather in Any Season

Greer Hughes

Every commercial and industrial facility is vulnerable to damage from weather including snow, extreme heat, rain and high winds. Exposure to these elements break down the commercial structure, making the building’s exterior look worn and potentially leading to interior damage as well.

Here are four key areas to check regularly:

Roof: The roof is the most common area for water damage. Once water penetrates a building’s surface, moisture remains inside the roof, walls, or flooring, leading to decay. In extreme cases, this decay can lead to cracks and gaps in exterior surfaces, risking significant structural damage.

Insulation: The right type of Insulation not only reduces energy costs for heating and cooling, but makes a building more resistant to moisture, mold, mildew and fire. 

Foundation: Considering it supports the entire building, the foundation is critical to a building’s safety. Prevent foundation issues by ensuring water drains away from the building, proper grading, new or existing concrete structures draw water away from the building, and regularly inspect the foundation for signs of damage.

Landscaping: Plant trees and shrubs at least 3 – 10 feet away from the building to prevent roots from growing into the foundation and to ensure they don’t reach the eaves when fully mature. Trim branches and limbs from hanging over the roof. Leave a one-foot area between the foundation and mulch to prevent moisture and insects from eroding the foundation.

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