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REO Services: Building Business and Solving Problems

McWhirter provides REO Services to lenders and other financial institutions that acquire real estate through foreclosure or bankruptcy. Since 2009, we have helped position more than 1,200 deficient or unfinished properties for disposition, with minimal loss to the financial institution. 

McWhirter brings value and expertise in preparing a property to be put on the market by our team’s depth of experience in sales, leasing, property management, construction management, and development means that we can give the lender advice and a solid opinion of value. Our property management team can assist by ensuring responsibilities such as landscaping, security is maintained during the sales process, and work with subcontractors on the client’s behalf to prepare the property for sale.

“We recently completed a successful REO project with McWhirter. Everything from pre-foreclosure consulting to post-foreclosure property renovation to the sale of the property was professional,” said Paul Peerboom, Sr. Vice President, National Load Acquisitions Company. “Throughout our long relationship with McWhirter, Peyton, Nelson and the entire team always work to overcome any obstacles and ensure outstanding results. We look forward to working with them for years to come.”

We have a history of working with more than 20 lending institutions from small private lenders to national financial institutions. We have handled various asset types including schools, car washes, working farms, office, retail and industrial. Because of our vast experience outside of brokerage, our company has assisted buyers in hiring remediation companies, fixing erosion control issues and proper security to prevent vandalism – in some cases before we were even hired to sell the property. 

“The REO market is an opportunity to serve our clients and build our business in difficult real estate situations. Each client has a unique property, circumstance or challenge and our team can help them maximize the value,” said Peyton McWhirter, partner at McWhirter. “Each property is different, which allows us to be creative to help our clients stabilize and dispose of problem assets.

McWhirter’s services include property security, leasing, property management, construction management and disposition. If you need help buying or selling a bank-owned property, contact McWhirter today.

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