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Tips to Reduce Operating Costs without Compromising Quality

Reducing expenses without sacrificing quality is a good practice in general, but it is more important during an economic downturn. This article outlines three areas where property owners can reduce expenses without compromising quality. And these solutions are good to implement regardless of the economy because cutting cost is always a good business decision. 


Nearly 40 percent of an office buildings’ electricity cost comes from lighting. Two simple ways to cut electricity costs are to install occupancy sensors that automatically turn off lights in vacant rooms and replace bulbs with LED lighting. LEDs last longer and use up to 70 percent less energy than traditional bulbs.

Temperature Control

Heating and air conditioning, especially in extreme climates, can lead to astronomical gas and electric costs in a commercial building. Two options to combat these energy costs are to switch to programmable thermostats, or simply drop the temperature by one degree in the winter and raise it one degree in summer. 


Exterior spaces are just as important as interior spaces for commercial properties but that doesn’t mean they have to add to your overall operating costs. Choosing low maintenance landscaping options and setting a regular property maintenance schedule can bring significant savings. Selecting plants, shrubs and trees that require less water, pruning and overall care can also reduce maintenance costs. 

Small changes can have a big impact on overall operating costs. McWhirter’s skilled team of property managers works with all clients to proactively identify areas to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.


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