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Commercial Association Management

For many people, their workplace can sometimes feel like their home away from home. Most homeowners know if they live in a homeowners’ association. However, some business owners are surprised to learn that their properties are included within a commercial office park association. Commercial associations are nonprofit corporations that govern the grounds within a business park and are subject to their own covenants and by-laws. 

Each association’s covenants are unique which adds to the distinct needs of the association management of a commercial property. Association management varies per office park and each association’s covenants are unique. Typical aspects of association management include common space maintenance, exterior building and grounds maintenance, managing vendors and maintaining the budget.

Here are a few issues that are unique to commercial associations:

Use Restrictions

Use restrictions for commercial office parks typically establish and identify the specific uses permitted within an office park. For example, some commercial developments are restricted to medical offices, retail, or restaurants, or a combination. 


In commercial office parks, signage is specifically addressed and necessary to identify businesses within a particular commercial community. Common limitations for business signs include size, quantity or the types of signs and covenants usually address how signs are managed, maintained, and modified. 


Convenient parking is important for employees, clients, and customers and is vital to the success of a business. The issue of adequate parking should be addressed in all commercial declarations.


Properties in commercial office parks are not always being utilized for the same purpose and differing covenants and bylaws may apply. For example, restaurants and medical offices are oftentimes subject to different laws and regulations. Under most commercial association documents, the burden to comply with the ordinances and regulations falls on individual business owners. 

At McWhirter, we understand commercial association management and our value-added services help ensure our client’s properties comply with the unique specifications of a commercial association. Our team is skilled in administration, budgeting, accounting, property maintenance, board management, and vendor services related to association management. 


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